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Academic Programs

EC 221.5:
The District provides elective classes, courses, vocational or school program guidance, or career counseling without regard to the sex of students enrolled in such classes or programs. In addition, the District must notify parents/guardians in writing at least once in advance of career counseling and course selection so they may participate in such counseling sessions and decisions.

EC 33126(c): It is the legislative intent that schools make a concerted effort to notify parents of the purpose of the school accountability report cards and ensure that all parents receive a copy of the report card.

EC 35258: Each school connected to the internet shall make the information contained in School Accountability Report Card accessible on the internet. This information shall be updated annually.

EC 37611: Requires notification to parents of public hearing on year-round school issues.

EC 48070.5(e): Provides for the development of a board policy regarding the promotion and retention of pupils as specified. Further, provides for parent notification when a pupil is identified as being at risk of retention. Notice shall be provided as early in the school year as practicable.

EC 49091.14: The curriculum, including titles, descriptions, and instructional aims of every course offered by a public school, shall be compiled at least once annually in a prospectus. Each school site shall make its prospectus available for review upon request. When requested, teh prospectus shall be reproduced and made available. SChool officials may charge for the prospectus an amount not to exceed the cost of duplication.

EC 51201.5: Requires written notification of the purpose of AIDS instruction to parents of pupils in grades 7 to 12. Requires the notification to specify that parents may request that his or her child not receive such instruction.

EC 51216: Requires the Board of Education in each district to take appropriate steps to ensure that the progress towards proficiency in basic skills is assessed in the English language during the regular instructional program. Prohibits pupils from receiving a high school diploma unless he or she has passed the English language proficiency assessment. Mandates notice to the parents requesting attendance at a conference to discuss non-compliance with the proficiency levels.

EC 51225 et seq.:
Students, parents, and the public are to be informed of graduation requirements. Such requirements are delineated in Arcadia Unified School District Policy Nos. 611-612 and include satisfactory citizenship as well as completion of the prescribed course of study. Students who fail to meet either of these basic criteria may be denied a diploma of graduation and/or denied the opportunity to participate in commencement activities.

EC 51550:
Schools must make available for inspection by the parent/guardian at reasonable times and places prior to the holding of a course any written or audio-visual material to be used in a class in which human reproductive organs and their functions and processes are described, illustrated, or discussed unless the description or illustration appears in a textbook adopted pursuant to law.

EC 51553:
All public elementary, junior high, and senior high school classes that teach sex education and discuss sexual intercourse shall emphasize that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only protection that is 100 percent effective against unwanted teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) when transmitted sexually.

EC 51554:
Reinforces notification provisions and provides that no pupil shall receive instruction on sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, human sexuality or family life in an assembly setting by a teacher employed by the district or instruction in any setting by an outside agency or guest speaker unless the pupil's parents have been properly notified.

EC 51555:
Applies to kindergarten and grades 1-6 inclusive that requires written notification to parents regarding instruction on human sexuality, AIDS, etc. including the right to request copies of §§51201.5 and 51553, related to AIDS instruction.

EC 51820:
Parents/guardians must be notified in writing prior to the beginning of a venereal disease education course. This notice must inform parents of the course offering, of their right to inspect the course materials, and of their right to request that their child not attend the class.

EC 58500:
California State law authorizes all school districts to provide for alternative schools. Education Code Section 58500 defines alternative school as a school or separate class group within a school which is operated in a manner designed to:

Maximize the opportunity for students to develop the positive values of self-reliance, initiative, kindness, spontaneity, resourcefulness, courage, creativity, responsibility and joy.

b. Recognize that the best learning takes place when the student learns because of his/her desire to learn.

c. Maintain a learning situation maximizing student self-motivation and encouraging the student in his/her own time to follow his/her own interests. These interests may be conceived by him/her totally and independently or may result in whole or in part from a presentation by his/her teacher of choices of learning projects.

d. Maximize the opportunity for teachers, parents, and students to cooperatively develop the learning process and its subject matter. This opportunity shall be a continuous, permanent process.

e. Maximize the opportunity for the students, teachers, and parents to continually react to the changing world, including but not limited to the community in which the school is located.
In the event any parent, pupil, or teacher is interested in further information concerning alternative schools, the County Superintendent of Schools, the Administrative Office of this district, and the Principal's Office of each attendance unit have copies of the law available for reference. A copy shall also be posted in at least two (2) places normally visible to pupils, teachers, and visiting parents in each attendance unit for the month of March each year. This law particularly authorizes interested persons to request the Board of Education of the district to establish alternative school programs in each district.

EC 60722:
Requires school districts to report each pupil's score, in writing, to the parent or guardian, when the district administers published standardized achievement tests that are norm-referenced. Specifies content of report. Requires parental invitation to contact specified school employees for further explanation or information regarding how parent can best assist the school and pupil in improving the pupil's performance.

PC 11165.14 & ED 33308.1:
Requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to develop guidelines describing procedures a parent or guardian can follow in filing a complaint of child abuse against a school employee. To ensure that appropriate investigation takes places, the parent/guardian must file a verbal or written complaint with the local child protective agency (police or sheriff's department, county probation department, or county welfare department/child protective services), school district, or county office of education. These agencies are listed in local telephone directories under government listings. Police will be found under city government listings; sheriff's, probation, welfare departments and child protective services will be found under county government listings.

Title I, Reauthorization of Elementary, Secondary Education Act, HR1 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Sections 1116:
Requires districts that receive Title I funds to notify parents of children in schools that fail to meet the requirements as specified in the Act.

Title 5, California Code of Regulations, §3831 & §11523:
District policy must include a procedure for notification of a pupil's parent of participation or non participation in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program. Requires distribution of an announcement explaining the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE). Notice must be given to students in 11th and 12th grades, early enough to enable registration.

Title 34 Code of Federal Regulations, §200.34, Education Consolidation & Improvement Act of 1981:
When a child is selected to participate in a Chapter I program, the parent must be advised of his/her right to help design and implement the program.
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